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Welding Supervision

Welding Supervision

At Austwide Inspection Services, we offer our clients certified and capable "on the floor" supervision, from fabrication and welding through to Surface Treatment and delivery. Our goal is to ensure your job goes out on time and with minimal re-work. 

We understand that Quality has to be Built-In during manufacture, and no amount of testing can improve the quality after the job is finished, regardless of how advanced the technology.

Our Welding Supervisors are Certified to Australian Standards such as AS2214 and AS1796-Cert 10  and seasoned with years of industry experience.

Our highly tained team can assist in any the following areas:

  • Review of Job Scope, Client Specifications 
  • Review of Fabrication Drawings 
  • Prepare QA Checksheets
  • Prepare ITP's
  • Inspection of materials delivered 
  • Material traceability 
  • Consumables - Selection & Storage
  • Calibration of welding machines 
  • Qualification of Welding Procedures 
  • Qualification of Welders & Operators 
  • Supervision during Fabrication - Cutting, Forming, Shaping, Holing, Weld Preps, Assembly, Temporary Bracing, Tack Welding
  • Supervision after Fabrication - Dimensional Checks, Weld Preps
  • Supervision During welding - Qualified Welder's, WPS followed, Preheat requirements, Control of Distortion
  • Supervision After Welding - 100% Visual Scan, Check weld size and Quality
  • Organise NDT -  Welds marked for testing, Witness NDT
  • Sand Blasting - Blast media checked, Surface Profile checked
  • Coatings - Consumables checked, witness WFT, DFT checks, results recorded
  • Galvanizing - Supplier audit, Witness thickness testing of coatings
  • Compile MDR folder for final hand-over


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