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Welding Inspection services

Welding Inspection services

Austwide Inspection Services, provide expert welding Inspection services across a wide range of industries, conforming to a wide range of Codes and Specifications.

Because we are an Australian company our team are fluent in interpreting and implementing Australian welding Standards, and we are experienced in a host of others such as, ISO, ASME and API to name a few.

Our team of highly skilled welding inspectors are trained and certified through governing bodies such as WTIA, (Weld Australia) TAFE Australia, AWS, CSWIP and are seasoned with years of industry experience to give you the best cost-effective service. Each Inspector carries the tools and equipment needed to take precise measurements to accurately assess your weldments. On completion you will receive a detailed Inspection Report, usually within 48hrs.

Visual Inspection is the most cost-effective way to detect common defects in welded products. It’s at this stage that repairs can take place saving valuable time and money. The cost to repair weld defects once coatings have been completed and the item has been transported to site and even installed can be astronomical.

Periodic Inspection at various stages of a project, is a good way to verify that quality is being maintained at each stage of fabrication. It also helps to identify and eliminate simple errors and problems during fabrication and prevent the flow on effect and further costly re-work.

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At Austwide Inspection Services we offer Certified Inspection Services to a wide range of Industries such as:

  • Structural Steel Fabrication 
  • Industrial pipework 
  • Storage Tanks 
  • Transport - Road, Rail
  • Water - Pipelines and Treatment Plants
  • Mining - Construction & Maintenance
  • Civil - Reinforcing Steel, Bridge Construction 
  • Gas - Secondary network, Primary Mains
  • Energy - Powerstation Maintenance

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