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Welding Consultants: Know Their Responsibilities and Duties
12 Jul 2019

Welding Consultants: Know Their Responsibilities and Duties

Welding consultants give all kinds of technical advise and exclusive suggestions to engineers, designers, quality assurance professionals. They establish and specify all types of welding requirements and can easily detect welding defects and mistakes. Here we are going to discuss some of the key responsibilities of welding consultants and why they are important in the welding industry.

Key responsibilities of welding consultants

Major responsibilities and duties of welding consultants are: 

1. Quality assurances and documentation reviews

Reputable welding consultancies always enhances welding procedures. They give valuable advice on all kinds of standards and codes. Moreover, you can get quality assurance documentation and working instructions for all kinds of welding process from these pros.

2. Checks welder’s qualifications

Checking the qualification of a welder is another major responsibility of a welding consultant. They provide genuine qualification testing to national and international standards for all kinds of welding processes. In addition, these consultancies provide complete assessments of welders.

3. Offers on-site services

Welding consultancies always offer on-site services. Basically, their services are widely available in both technical and hands-on approach.

4. Co-ordination and technical representation

Welding consultants always control and co-ordinate the entire welding operations. Also, they provide technical representation at the client’s meetings. Moreover, you can get all kind of technical advice on welding sounds from them.

5. Welding inspection

Welding inspection companies work with periodic and visual inspections. Both inspections help to detect some common defects in welded materials. Some major types of visual inspections are surface crack detection, ultrasonic inspection, radiography, destructive, non-destructive test etc.
Welding consultants follow some basic standards of welding during visual inspection. Generally, a certified welding consultancy offers inspection services to a great range of industries like:
  • Steel fabrication industry
  • Industrial pipework
  • Storage Tanks industry
  • Transportation  industry
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Mining and construction sites
  • Bridge construction sites
  • Gas industry
  • The power station and maintenance industry


6. Material testing and selection

Welding consultancies always give advice on the selection of a particular material and effect of a variety of composition with that material. Also, they are expert in corrosion testing and material analysis. The metallurgical investigation is another key responsibility of welding consultants. 
Some other key responsibilities of a welding consultant are: 
  • Machine calibration
  • QA checklist preparation
  • Post welding inspection
  • Preparing ITP’s
  • Inspection after fabrication
Austwide Inspection is a welding consultant and an expert in the field of welding inspection and supervision. In NSW, they provide quality welding consulting services at an economical rate.
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