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Types of Welding Processes for Structural Steel Design
14 Aug 2019

Types of Welding Processes for Structural Steel Design

Structural steel is the most reliable and sustainable material which is widely used in construction. It has a wide list of benefits. Structural steel is light in weight as compared to other metals and more economical. There are three types of welding processes that are used in structural steel design. These are stud welding, flux core welding and shield metal arc welding (SMAW). Let’s check out these processes in brief.

Stud welding

Stud welding or Drawn Arc Stud welding (DASW) is a process similar to flash welding where a stud or fastener is welded onto a base metal or substrate. Fastener comes in various forms such as threaded, tapped or unthreaded. Generally, a special kind of flux called ferrule is used in the stud welding process. The welding process is basically used in the following areas: 
  • Buildings, bridges and construction sites
  • Cable management
  • Foodservice such as coffee makers, salad bars, griddles at restaurants, etc.
  • Power distribution equipment
  • Shipbuilding and military applications
  • Moving vehicles in construction, automotive, agriculture, trailers, etc. 


Flux core welding

Metalcore or flux core arc welding is a high-speed, portable, automatic or semi-automatic welding process which is widely used for stainless steel, structural steel, nickel-based alloy and many more. A consumable electrode, flux, constant voltage and current are required for this welding process.
There are two types of FCAW mode. One is a shielded gas operation where a shielded gas is applied from an external source and another one is a self-shielding operation where the gas is produced during flux decomposition within the wire. Generally, Flux-cored arc welding is more unique as compared to Metal inert gas welding. Most non-ferrous metals like aluminum can’t be welded using this welding process.


Stick welding or SMAW is a manual welding method where a constant electrical power source and a flux covered consumable electrode is used to join or weld two metals such as steel. The current used in SMAW can either be AC or DC. SMAW is the simplest and inexpensive welding process. Most of the fabricating sectors prefer this welding process because of its simplicity. There are many advantages of stick welding: 
  • This process is portable and inexpensive.
  • Wide variety of welding positions, electrodes and metals are applicable.
  • It is perfect for outdoor applications.
Above mentioned are all the three different types of structural steel welding processes. Austwide Inspection offers structural steel welding consultancy to all who are in need of it. For more details regarding our welding consultancy services, you can surely contact with our team.



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